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Coke Pulls Plug on Soccer Star After Dropping F-Bomb on Live TV


When you deliberately look into the camera and drop an F-bomb on live TV, you can probably expect some sort of repercussion. Wayne Rooney from the popular British soccer club Manchester United is learning that the hard way.

Last Saturday, Rooney drew the ire of his league's ruling body when, after scoring a goal against rival West Ham, he turned to the camera and shouted expletives. He was suspended two games for that. And now, Coke is refusing to renew his contract. Business Insider explains this isn't the first time Rooney has been caught in the middle of controversy:

Coca-Cola will let Wayne Rooney's $1 million per year contract lapse in 2011, according to The Telegraph.

This comes following a scandal-filled year for the Manchester Uniter striker. Last October it was reported that senior figures at Coke were "disgusted" at charges that Rooney had slept with prostitutes while his wife Colleen was pregnant.

This is the goal and the video that led to that decision (CONTENT WARNING for language):

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