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Lawrence O'Donnell: 'Show Business' Beck Will End up Like Larry King


"Beck is in show business..."

A smug Lawrence O'Donnell appeared on his show last night to do what he does best -- bash Glenn Beck. And during his tirade and "I told you so" monologue, he decided to start talking about ratings. Beck's ratings are very good, he admitted, but they used to be better. That's true. Around Beck's 8/28 rally, his ratings skyrocketed to unsustainable levels. No one expected them to stay. So the "decline" Larry's talking about is really a return to normal. But here's what's interesting: Beck's "normal" is almost twice as good at 5pm as O'Donnel's ratings at the primetime slot of 8pm. See Tuesday's ratings from TV Newser:

Still, the facts didn't keep Larry from prophesying that Beck will become like Larry King -- irrelevant:

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I don't think so. Just stay tuned.

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