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Separating Fact From Myth:' O'Reilly Tackles Obama Conspiracy Theories


Using his "Talking Points Memo" segment last  night, Bill O'Reilly decided to go through the numerous conspiracy theories swirling about Barack and Michelle Obama. In a simple back-and-forth style, he named the claim and then stated succinctly whether it was true or not. He tackled everything from the birther issue to whether Michelle lost her law license. He didn't take on the new theory that Obama has had brain surgery:

Transcript via Fox Nation:

We get a ton of internet propaganda here. Nearly every day, some hysterical dispatch shows up on my desk saying the world will end on Friday or Moluccan terrorists have just infiltrated through Brownsville, Texas, and are heading for your house.

But no one is more popular on the net propaganda circuit than President Obama. So in the interest of no spin, it is my pleasure to set the record straight.

Mr. Obama is a controversial guy. All presidents are. But he does deserve to be treated honestly, does he not? So here we go.

Item: The president has not released his academic transcripts.

True. His records from Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law School have not been made public, and the president could do that if he wanted to.

Item: His thesis from Columbia has not been made public.

False. He didn't do a thesis. You may remember that Hillary Clinton kept her Wellesley thesis private until somebody outed the paper on radical Saul Alinsky.

Item: Mr. Obama has not released his medical records.

True. His doctor says he's in good health and has put that in writing. You may remember that President Clinton would not release his health care records. Bush the younger released evaluations but not official records.

Item: President Obama has not released his law practice client list.

True. But I don't know many lawyers who would, citing the privacy of clients.

Item: No birth certificate has been made public.

True. But the state of Hawaii has, once again, said Mr. Obama's birth certificate is on file. A certificate of live birth has been released. A "Factor" investigation also showed Mr. Obama was born in a Honolulu hospital and we stand by our reporting.

Item: There is no record of baptism.

True. No such document is in the public domain.

Item: Michelle Obama lost her law license.

False. She currently has an inactive law license.

Item: Mrs. Obama has more assistants than other first ladies.

False. She has about the same number Laura Bush had, approximately 20.

Item: Barack Obama received foreign student aid while in college.

False. Somebody just made that up.

So there you have it. Just the facts, Jack. "Talking Points" is glad to be of service.

And that's "The Memo."

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