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Trump Tells Limbaugh: Paul Ryan Should be Careful & Let Obama Lead Budget Fight


Guess what they didn't talk about.

In a wide ranging 17-minute interview, Donald "Birther" Trump spoke to Rush Limbaugh today about a variety of issues--his presidential run, China, OPEC, Paul Ryan, Medicare, philanthropy, Obama, Greta Van Susteren, the budget....but there was one topic that was not broached.

Obama's birth certificate. That should make Glenn Beck very happy.

Trump told Limbaugh that the reason he is doing so well in the polls--CNN has him tied for first (with Huckabee) in a GOP presidential horserace poll--is because Americans like his message.

Trump and Rush also talked the budget.

The Republicans need to be careful, Trump warned, saying that they shouldn't get "too far out" in front of the budget issues. "This is Obama's fight and he should be leading it as president."

On Paul Ryan's $6 trillion budget cuts, Trump said, "when he mentions even the touching of Medicare" the Democrats are "going to attack him."

He added, "If I decide to run, I'm going to cherish senior citizens."

Via Daily Rushbo:

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