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Tea Party Rep. Calls Out ABC's Amanpour: Why Hasn't 'Your Profession' Gotten on Obama?


"...they're also now actually praising him as being bold despite his obvious cowardice."

GOP and Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh made an interesting observation to ABC's Christiane Amanpour Sunday while discussing the president's budget proposal: "I don't know why your profession hasn't gotten on him more."

NewsBusters' Noel Sheppard explains:

As the host of ABC's "This Week" pushed for higher taxes, Walsh correctly pointed out that Barack Obama's first 2012 budget proposed earlier in the year didn't address entitlement programs ... .


What has been totally forgotten by his devoted press is how back in February when the President offered his first 2012 budget proposal, there were many in the media that recognized how it largely ignored the recommendations of his debt commission as well as any cuts to entitlement programs.

This led Ryan to offer a proposal which did address Medicare and Medicaid, and he got lambasted by the same press that complained in February that Obama ignored such issues.

Last week, the President in his budget redo vaguely talked about Medicare fixes without naming any specifics whatsoever, and the media not only forgot about their concerns about this two months ago, but they're also now actually praising him as being bold despite his obvious cowardice.

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