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The IRS may not be where you think it is...


Today is Tax Day -- make sure you get your returns in the mail before midnight to avoid late fees. But when you go to mail it, do NOT send your return to "IRS" in Sturgis, Mich.

Contrary to what you might find when you use Google Maps to find an address for "IRS," the actual Internal Revenue Service is not located in my small hometown.  Instead, the Kirsch Municipal Airport's FAA code "IRS" is confusing hundreds trying to get their returns submitted on time.

Gawker reports:

The phone calls started two months ago, and it was just a trickle at first. Since then it's grown to a deluge of "20 to 50 calls a day" from people with tax questions, according to a weary-sounding office manager named Becky who took the time to talk to us this afternoon.

The calls haven't been a huge issue, Becky says, but she's getting sick of them. "It's just irritating," she said. "Most of them calling aren't the most intelligent, calling us at 7pm on the weekends. And it's like, do you seriously think the IRS is going to answer their phone at 7 on a Sunday?"

Becky contacted Google repeatedly about the problem, to no avail. Today, she posted her dilemma to Google Maps' help forum: "I am sooo fed up with this issue and please help me fix it asap!  Thanks!" Another user told her how to "claim" the Google Maps listing and fix the name. Becky said she's done that, and Kirsch Municipal Airport's listing should be fixed by tomorrow.

Add this sad situation to the very long list of reasons you hate the IRS.

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