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Why are some bloggers accusing Glenn of 'taking content' without attribution?


I am Editor-in-Chief of The Blaze today in large part because I was a blogger who did stories that Glenn Beck featured on his radio and TV shows.

Before joining the Beck team I always found, of all the shows and sites in the wide world of web news, that Glenn was the most generous in terms of saying thank you, of giving credit, and of making mention on air when possible.  He’s promoted (and even hired) an amazing number of bloggers and writers.

So it’s through that lens that I look at the claims in a new story posted by The Daily Caller that is a collection of accusations that Glenn gives insufficient credit to stories turned up by a variety of bloggers and websites.

I certainly understand the frustrations of any writer or blogger who feels their contributions are being slighted. It’s happened to me hundreds of times!

At The Blaze, we link and cite hundreds of news and blog sites each week.  It’s been a major part of Glenn’s push to do just that.

Later today I’ll have a much more detailed response to the charges and what may be motivating them (is this connected to our review of James O'Keefe's NPR video?).  Check back here in a few hours.

We are amused that Glenn is accused (in a factually-flawed way) of co-opting the phrase, "The Truth Has No Agenda" from his friend Mike Opelka.  Mike is indeed a writer for The Blaze (as the article notes), but Glenn has worked collaboratively on projects with Mike since the 1980s -- indeed Glenn was the best man in Mike's wedding.  More on that later, too!

In the meantime, here is a quick montage we put together of Glenn promoting the work of various blogs in the past year or so:

And here is Glenn talking about the accusations on the radio today:

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