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Re: Jonathan’s response



I think we're largely in agreement over how a reporter should maintain a professional demeanor during an interview with the president, however I saw no disrespect in the brief news clip aired by WFAA.

The most heated exchange in the aired footage was when the reporter challenged Obama's assertion that his administration played no role in deciding that Houston would not get a retired space shuttle. I believe the reporter was correct in clarifying that neither the White House nor Obama himself had influence over the decision. It was Obama's condescension in his denials which I found more troubling.

I appreciate your thorough reporting in linking the interview reporter to his station's past editing indiscretion, however I see no reason to doubt that the Obama interview was conducted fairly. I don't doubt that Broden did feel a bit attacked as a line of pointed questioning can be interpreted as such -- just look at how Fox News' Bret Baier was unfairly pegged for giving the president a challenging interview in the past. While many wrote it off as mean-spirited, I applauded Baier for sticking to his professional guns.

While reporters question the president, is it okay for the president to question reporters? I really don't think so. The fact of the matter is that it's a reporter's job to question what the president does and how he operates. More than anyone else, it's the president's job to remain above the fray and not get mixed up in petty squabbles, which is how he came across in this video -- whether he knew the camera was rolling or not.

Also, the White House doesn't seem to doubt the credibility of the reporter or WFAA since they granted the interview instead of picking from literally hundreds of other contenders.

Bottom line, while the reporter and WFAA may have gotten in trouble in the past for inappropriate editing, I see no reason to suspect foul play was involved in this interview and don't think it was the president's role to publicly scold the reporter for what appears to be a solid job.

The only way we'd ever truly be able to bury this hatchet is to see the entire, unedited interview.

Hello, WFAA?

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