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Why I'm siding with Obama on this one


We have a video on the story side, posted by our tireless video editor Pam Key, showing Barack Obama getting upset after an interview with a local Dallas reporter. Obama is visibly upset at the end, and scolds the reporter for continually interrupting him. Guess what? I agree with Obama. Here's why.

Back in October we covered the controversy of congressional candidate Pastor Stephen Broden. There was a big brouhaha over him saying that revolution is an option when it comes to "altering and abolishing" government. He's right. It's in the Declaration. But at the time, the reporter who interviewed Broden and solicited those comments left out a very key point: Broden was adamant that the revolution needs to happen at the ballot box. After The Blaze investigated, it became clear that the reporter selectively edited Broden's response.

Who was that reporter?

The same one that got combative with Obama.

Now, I'm not opposed to tough questioning. And I think the media has been soft on Obama.

But back in October, Broden told me that the reporter was rude, regularly interrupted him, and badgered Broden until he got the response he wanted and then could edit. The full video eventually released by the station shows that to be true.

So here's my point. While Obama deserves hard questions, he also deserves a chance to answer them. And this reporter, in the two instances that we have covered on this site, has shown he doesn't value such exchanges.


Glenn talked about the controversy on radio today:

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