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Where Does NBC's Andrea Mitchell Get Her News? 'Al Jazeera



NBC reporter and MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell sat down with The Atlantic to talk about where she gets her news. Would you be surprised that she gets it from the same place as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the White House? Would you be surprised if that "place" was Al Jazeera?

The is what Mitchell, NBC's chief foreign affairs correspondent, admitted:

I think Al-Jazeera has become indispensable. There's a big difference between Al-Jazeera overseas and Al-Jazeera English but they are clearly part of the story and I rely on them very heavily, as does the State Department. I think the channel ought to be available more widely in the U.S. given the work they've been doing in Tunisia, Libya and certainly Egypt.

Indispensable? Al Jazeera? The network that loves to love the Muslim Brotherhood?

However, TV Newser might be able to explain this:

Mitchell fails to note that MSNBC and Al Jazeera have a deal whereby the NBC channel can use AJE footage in its stories. While AJE is not owned by NBCU, it could still be considered “part of the family,” so to speak.

I'm hoping that Mitchell just got a little out of hand while plugging a "partner," and she really doesn't really rely on Al Jazeera for her news.


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