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It's official: 2012 depression has set in

I've been trying to hold it back, but the latest from Pew Research pushed me over the edge: thinking about the 2012 election officially has me depressed. InTrade has Obama sitting comfortably with a 61% chance of winning re-election. But I'm putting it closer to 95-98% that he retains the White House. The Republicans early field of likely contenders is filled with a bunch of completely uninspiring, has been, can't win, and ridiculous candidates.

I mean, look at this and tell me that laying on the train tracks doesn't suddenly sound like a good idea:

Let's take a look at the scoreboard:

  • 53% can't even name a possible GOP candidate for 2012 that's been talked about in the news (point Obama)
  • When they are able to name a candidate, the person most associated with the GOP  is Donald Trump (slam dunk Obama)
  • The next most mentioned name is Mitt Romney. Good guy and all, but when he was in charge of a state he thought RomneyCare was a good idea. (Obama for three...yes!!)
  • Sarah Palin:  The media have an insatiable, serial killer-esque appetite for bashing all things Palin. She's handled it well, but that's tough to overcome. (Obama: Booyah!)
  • Mike Huckabee = John McCain all over again. (Touchdown Obama)
  • Newt Gingrich is on the list (Ah, let's relive 1996 all over again! Obama just lol'd)
  • Tim Pawlenty championed Cap & Trade. And probably something else really annoying, too.

Final score: Obama wins big in 2012.

I know it's early and I'm probably just reacting emotionally, but...  I'm still depressed. How does Obama lose this thing? The press won't even bug him on the skyrocketing gas prices, even though it was issue #1 for Bush.

Someone please talk me off the ledge. Whisper some sweet Rubios or Christies into my ear. Anything to make me believe we are not headed for a repeat of the Democrats in 2004, when unnamed democrat beat Bush.

Then they named the democrat. And suffered a humiliating loss.

What do we do?

--Depressed in New York

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