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What Was an Improvised Explosive Device Doing Alongside a Texas Highway?


Bomb squad sent to disarm the IED.

That's the question authorities are asking after finding an IED on the side of Highway 77 in Brownsville, Texas.

Valley Central has the story:

Police said the modified hand grenade had a poorly constructed casing and no detonation device.

Authorities had rerouted traffic as a precaution while the Brownsville Police Department bomb squad disarmed and disabled the device.

Brownsville police said there was no danger to any infrastructure or to the public at any time during the incident.

Investigators said the IED had a very small yield of impact and if it had actually exploded, it would have caused minimal damage.

But as of Monday afternoon, authorities still don’t know the IED got there or who made it.

KRGV has this report:

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