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Bill Maher Continues His Tea Party-Bashing: Bunch of 'Sad,' 'Fat,' 'Useful Idiots


"No, I don't have any respect, no, I don't have any respect for the teabaggers."

Dear Bill,

We get it. You don't like the Tea Party and you're going to continue asking why they weren't screaming during the Bush years (ignoring the simple retort that people require a "long train of abuses" before they demand change). But when you start calling a group of people "fat" and "useful idiots" on network television like CBS (and not on your HBO show), it starts getting to be too much.

Now, I know CBS and David Letterman seemed to want you to say what you did last night (the "fat" and "useful idiot" remarks), and they bear responsibility for that. But just because someone wants you to say disrespectful, hateful things, doesn't mean you should. But you did. In fact, although it will upset many, let's watch it again:

Is that really necessary? Seriously, Bill? I mean, imagine if you said those things about the congressional black caucus. Or an LGBT group. Or even Oprah's book club. You would be slammed in the media.

Hey, but thanks for letting the Tea Party know that you will continue to call them "Teabaggers" until the end of time. Now they know.

And you know, heck, in the end I guess you're only bashing a bunch of stupid, uneducated, patriotic, Constitution-loving, slobs knows as the Tea Party. It's okay, then. I think. Right?

In case you forgot exactly what you said, you can get the transcript from NewsBusters.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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