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God in Heaven, Please Help Me': Chilling 911 Audio Reveals That Toddler Allegedly Shot and Killed Mother


"Jesus Christ, God. Why did you put my son in this spot?"

Police in Florida have released the chilling audio of a man who called 911 in a panic after his toddler allegedly shot and killed his---the toddler's---mother. Apparently, the child thought that the gun was a toy; he aimed it at his mother, shooting her in the face. She died instantly.

Some are questioning whether the toddler was capable of such a feat at all.

WSVN reports:

"My baby's mother, oh, um, oh, God ... Oh, God, I can't believe this," said the caller.

According to Miramar Police, 911 received a call from Troy Bailey Sr., late Wednesday night, saying his 2-year-old son, Troy Bailey Jr., grabbed his gun and fatally shot his mother, 33-year-old Julia Bennett. All three were inside their apartment at a complex located in the area of 8520 Sherman Circle North. "He shot his mom," Bailey is heard saying on the recording. "God in heaven, help me please."

When the 911 operator asked who shot Bennett, Bailey Sr. said, "I was taking the gun from him. I was trying to take it from him ... From my son, from my son. He's right here."

The caller went on to say how he tried to take the gun from the boy when it went off. "Jesus Christ, God. Why did you put my son in this spot?" he said over the phone. "Oh, God, no. He's my life. I've never gone through something like this."

Listen to the chilling audio, via Fox News, below:

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