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Flash Mobs of...Bandits and Looters? In D.C., Yes.


"They helped themselves to whatever they wanted."

Last week Glenn Beck called for "flash mobs of kindness," random acts of kindness meant to jumpstart charity across the country. And while Beck is hoping those become a trend, different types of flash mobs are running rampant throughout the nation's capital. Flash mobs of theft and looting.

ABC 7 News in D.C. reports that around 6 pm on Monday, a group of about 20 young men entered a pricey, trendy clothing store near Dupont Circle and, without any regard or inhibitions, started sizing up the merchandise and then stole it off the shelves, racks, and tables. It was a quick and somewhat sophisticated operation, as the mob took the time to post a lookout at the front door.

The store manager says the group made off with hundreds of items worth "thousands and thousands" of dollars.

You can see the video from ABC 7 below:

Local police say that this is the sixth such theft in the area since last July.

"They helped themselves to whatever they wanted," Manager Greggory Lennon told ABC 7. "They had no fear, they weren't concerned. They were on their cell phones inside the store talking to their friend outside the store who were watching for the police."

The police response has also come under scrutiny, as cops aren't seen entering the store until 10 minutes after the first 911 call was placed. The department responded by saying that police spent time outside first, canvasing the area for the thiefs.

To see a another perspective on the story, visit Gateway Pundit.

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