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Update: 'sticky note campaign' gains momentum


Since I first reported on the so-called "sticky note campaign," it has more than doubled in size, now capturing the attention of more than 8,000 people on Facebook alone. Most noticeably, the campaign's sticky notes are now popping up in locations across the country.  (Click here to see more pics)

North Carolina debates putting gas in the car vs. buying groceries:

Colorado struggles at the pump:

And one of my favs so far popped up in Michigan to ask, "Who is John Galt?":

I don't know who started this campaign or what their ultimate motive was, but the conservative blogosphere is spreading the word and setting some ground rules.  I'm quickly becoming a fan of this campaign for a few key reasons:

1. It silently makes a statement while not being destructive/obstructive;

2. It's el cheapo; and

3. Anyone can do it.

Have you seen any sticky notes popping up in your neighborhood?  What do you think about the "sticky note campaign"?  Email me at with your thoughts!

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