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Shocking Video: NYC Cabby Tries to Drag Passenger Out of Cab


"You have to. It's the law!"

Here's the law in New York City: if a yellow-cab cabby picks you up, he has to take you anywhere within the five burroughs. But there are a lot of cabbies who don't really like that rule, and if you tell them to take you somewhere you want to go, they'll refuse. Many times, the passenger will just throw up his arms in disgust and get out. But that's not what these two girls did.

Below is video of two female passengers who hailed a cab in Midtown Manhattan and asked to be taken across the East River to Brooklyn. The cabby refused and screamed at them to get out. They wouldn't. Then this happened. The audio is chilling:

[Content Warning: Contains graphic language]

NY Post says the two ladies are Michelle, 31, and Amy, also 31 who tried to catch the ride on Sunday. They asked their last names not be used because they are afraid of the cabby. More from the Post:

"I kept saying, 'You have to. It's the law,' " recounted Michelle, who works for an Internet company. "He kept screaming at us to 'get out, get out,' but we wouldn't."

"Then he said, 'You're gonna be sorry!' and took off up Sixth Avenue," she added.

"He was driving erratically, doing the 'gas-and-brake' thing, going in and out of lanes," said Amy, an editor. "He was swearing, calling us 'bitches.' He was very angry."

The driver then turned onto 48th Street, the women said, and pulled over. He got out, popped his hood and tried to lure them out of the cab, telling them the cab was "broken," they said.

When his passengers didn't fall for it, he got back behind the wheel, drove another few feet and stopped again.

He flung open the back door and then lunged when he saw he was being videotaped on a cellphone.

After the hack backed off, he approached "four or five" other cabs to take the women to Bed-Stuy, and finally found one. They gave that driver $35 for a $25 fare.

The cabby has been identified and the Taxi and Limousine Commission is investigating the incident.

(H/T: Gawker)

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