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Blaze Sources: Superman Could Have Change of Heart About Renouncing Citizenship


"DC Comics has chosen to corrupt that role model, bending it to America's current path of failure..."

This morning, we are hearing that DC Comics is seriously considering a major change in their plans for 'Superman' issue #900.

The Man of Steel may NOT be renouncing his American citizenship after all.

Last week we reported that DC Comics upcoming issue, Superman #900, was going to feature the Man of Steel renouncing his American citizenship.

That story sparked reactions, both positive and negative, all across America. It is fair to say that the overwhelming sentiment was against Superman losing his faith in America.

One of the most significant voices against the renunciation came from inside the comic book world as artist Dave Dorman released this statement;

"I find it very hard to believe that DC Comics has chosen to take Superman--the first and greatest of America's super heroes and a cultural icon for many generations--and molded him into a piece of political propaganda for this current climate of socialism and world unity. For generations, Superman has stood as a role model for both children and adults, giving them pride in America with his values of 'Truth, Justice and the American Way.' Unfortunately, DC Comics has chosen to corrupt that role model, bending it to America's current path of failure with 'Mistruth, Social Justice and a One World Order.' In this day when Barack Obama calls the United States 'unexceptional,' it saddens me that DC Comics and their Superman creative team couldn't have restored this true American role model and given kids in America the faith that our great country truly is still exceptional. With one comic, they've castrated Superman and hastily thrown away more than 80 years of his patriotic legacy."

Lest you think Mr. Dorman is some backroom lackey who paints a panel on a page here or there, he is not. Dave Dorman is an award winning artist/illustrator (Eisner and Inkpot awards) with over 30 years of experience in the business. Dave is hearing rumblings from inside DC that the comic book company is re-thinking the storyline of issue 900.  His most recent work adorns the cover of 'DJ Zom-B & The Ungrateful Dead' by Vinnie Penn.

'DJ Zom-B' author, Mr. Penn, is a former Glenn Beck co-worker, who now hosts a radio program on WELI in New Haven, CT, adding:

'I knew we were in trouble with the last Superman movie, when they removed the 'American way' part from Jor-El's 'Truth, Justice, and...' bit. The American way was deemed a scary concept apparently by a studio exec, no doubt the same one who OK'd the upcoming 'Captain America' film to be relased as 'The First Avenger' overseas, so as not to scare off overseas movie fans. Who, someone seems to think, do not like the word 'America.' According to the suit-and-tie guys in the entertainment biz anyway.'

As stated above, we are hearing from these sources, close to the comic book publisher, that DC is now re-thinking plans for 'Superman' #900.

Patriotism is a funny thing, and it can move markets. The flag-waving celebrations that followed the news of bin Laden's death may have added some fuel to the fire started by Superman fans like Dave Dorman, Vinnie Penn, and countless others who were outraged by the story of Superman's alleged renunciation of his adopted country.

The story is developing and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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