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Why did OBL receive special treatment?


I'm no "deather," but I have to say that a lot of what the Obama administration is doing/saying just isn't adding up.

President Obama is unwilling to release a photograph of Osama bin Laden's body, but Reuters has released a number of graphic images from the scene. Aside from the fact that Reuters seems more transparent than the White House these days, the gory photographs of bin Laden's men -- bloodied and left for dead -- raise an intriguing question in my mind: why did bin Laden, the most detestable terrorist of them all, receive such special treatment?

While bin Laden's mens' bodies were left to rot, why did we rush to ensure that the terror mastermind was cleaned, had appropriate funeral garb and religious burial service? We clearly didn't believe these other men deserved such treatment, so why did bin Laden?

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