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Jewish Newspaper Photoshops Hillary Clinton Out of Iconic Photo


"Ultra Orthodox Hasidic newspaper Der Tzitung is telling its readers like it isn't."

By now, it's become an iconic photo, and could come to define this administration. But if you happen to have seen the Situation Room photo featuring the president and his national security team in the Jewish newspaper Der Tzitung, the photo (and history) looked very different.

This is the original picture:

But this is the photo according to Der Tzitung:

Notice anything? There are no women. Most obviously, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is photoshopped out. So too is Audrey Thomason, the counterterrorism analyst peeking out from behind other onlookers in the back of the original photo.

Why? According to the website TheJewishweek.com, it's because the paper is an Ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jewish publication, and therefore refuses to publish images of woman.

"The Hasidic newspaper will not intentionally include any images of women in the paper because it could be considered sexually suggestive," the site says.

According to that site's author, Rabbi Jason Miller, the newspaper not only violated the pictures copyright, but it might be guilty of an even greater "crime."

"Der Tzitung edited Hillary Clinton out of the photo, thereby changing history," he writes. "To my mind, this act of censorship is actually a violation of the Jewish legal principle of g'neivat da'at (deceit)."

The Gawker website Jezebel puts it cleverly: "Ultra Orthodox Hasidic newspaper Der Tzitung is telling its readers like it isn't."

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