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Another Jewish Publication Photoshops Hillary Out of Situation Room


Yesterday, we reported that the New York-based, Hasidic Jewish newspaper Der Tzitung photoshopped Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and counterterrorism analyst Audrey Thomason out of the now-iconic Situation Room photo. It quickly apologized for breaking the photo's copyright, but still stood by its decision due to its policy against publishing images of woman (they are considered "sexually suggestive").

Now, another Hasidic outlet has done the same thing (sans, so far, the apology).

The Brooklyn-based, weekly Orthodox magazine De Voch has erased Clinton and Thomason from its version of the picture:

As you may already know, this is the original:

According to the Huffington Post, Der Voch has a similar policy on "modesty" as Der Tzitung, prohibiting it from publishing photos of women.

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