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No Food for You! Kids Denied Breakfast for Wearing Wrong Shoes to Grade School


“I felt sad. We’re always supposed to have breakfast."

Two young boys, aged 5 and 6 years old, were denied breakfast at their Chicago grade school for wearing the wrong type of shoes. They were sporting black athletic shoes rather than black dress shoes, as mandated by the school uniform policy.

CBS's local Chicago affiliate has more:

Chicago Public Schools is apologizing to a Chicago mother and her two young sons, ages 5 and 6, after they were denied breakfast because they came to schools wearing the wrong kind of shoes.


The Nicholson brothers only grab a quick snack before heading to class because they qualify for a full free breakfast at Adam Powell Grade School. It’s something they look forward to every day, and it hurt when they were recently turned away.

They were wearing black athletic shoes. The boys told their mom that the assistant principal, Angela Peagler wouldn’t let them eat because their shoes didn’t fit the school uniform, which calls for a regular black dress shoe.

“I felt sad. We’re always supposed to have breakfast,” first-grader Noah Nicholson says.

Noah and his brother Niko, who is in kindergarten, went to class hungry and didn’t eat until lunch.

The boys' great aunt was understandably upset: “I don’t care if they had on orange shoes, they were in line to eat...I’m not going to feed you because you have the wrong shoes? Shoes? No, no.”

Read the full story here.

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