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Update From Israel: Glenn Sends Special Message From Garden Tomb


"Join us on a journey here in the next couple months that will take you to places that you can only imagine."

In a special message from the historic Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, Glenn Beck gave his fans a little more information about why he's there. And while he did not reveal anything concrete, he did say that he and his team are "planning on something that we will talk to you about soon."

In the intimate video, a contemplative Beck explained that we are all on the cusp of something big:

"The world has an historic opportunity, before the madness begins, before things get out of control, before the world decides to move in one direction. I thought it was for me personally important and I think for the whole world to take a look at themselves an what they believe and what they know to be true and where we're headed. Times of courage and compassion are needed. And the best things is, is that I know that's who Americans are. We've always been home of the brave, but also a people of great and tremendous compassion."

"This can be our day," he added, a day "that we again lead the world into light as opposed to darkness."

"Join us on a journey here in  the next couple months that will take you to places that you can only imagine."

You can listen to the full message below:

But Glenn's message to readers wasn't limited to a video. He also addressed his Israel trip on radio today. During the show, he said that his traveling to the Holy Land is partly motivated by how successful Israel is as a Middle East democracy. He explains why below:

In addition to the video and radio messages, Glenn has posted some pictures from day two of his trip.

There's him at the tomb...:

...and Woodrow Wilson haunting him:

See more pictures at Glennbeck.com.

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