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How Much Sex-Ed Is Too Much? Students at One Texas College Are Asking (Content Warning!)


"That was the most disgusting thing."

Remember when Colleges and Universities prepared young men and women to work in professional fields like Accounting, Chemistry, and Geology?

Yeah, those days are long gone.

The week before Spring Break, at the typically conservative Texas A&M University, one campus organization offered a special 'how-to' sex-ed seminar.

There is no way to put this gently, the class was a graphic lesson was called 'B*tt Play,'  masquerading as a sex-ed program.  The featured featured lectures supported by videos and props to teach students how to handle their first anal sex encounter.  (The video appears below, with our strongest CONTENT WARNING.)

A H/T to our friends at KTRH News Radio in Houston, Texas. As reported on the KTRH website;

How much is too much when it comes to sex education on college campuses?  A controversial video now has conservative groups taking aim at Texas A&M officials.

The extremely graphic video posted online by the group Texas Aggie Conservatives shows a sex therapist using pictures and videos to teach gays and lesbians how to safely engage in certain activities.

Student Justin Pulliam says how-to sex lessons for gays have no place on his college campus.

"Most people at the university do not agree with having casual sex, or homosexual sex, or having sex outside of marriage," he says.  "That the university is institutionally supporting such behavior is disgusting."

Pulliam says his group wants to expose the school for sanctioning event.

"What makes it even more disgusting, is that student fee dollars and taxpayer dollars are funding activities such as this at Texas A&M University," he claims.

However, Lowell Kane from the school's GLBT Professional Network argues little if any student fees were used for the seminar.

"Student fees were not used to pay the therapist to facilitate this workshop," Kane says.  "The university and I did go to a business meal with her afterwards to discuss the program, so the total cost associated with this workshop was $20 and change."

Kane insists the seminar was for safe sex educational purposes only.

"We actually know for a fact from the Bryan-College Station Community Health Center that we're seeing an increase in new infections of syphilis and HIV, particularly with the college student campus of Texas A&M," he says.  "So these are very serious issues."

The video even has ruffled the feathers of Pat Carlson with the Texas Eagle Forum.

"I don't know how on Earth they can call that a safe sex seminar, that was the most disgusting thing," says Carlson.  "I've been married 41 years, and never have I watched something so repulsive."

Calls seeking comment from Texas A & M school officials were not returned.

(Content Warning)

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