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Biden beats Obama, by a LOT!


Osama bin Laden may not have thought much of Joe Biden's value, but according to the latest issue of Golf Digest, Biden is golden on the golf course and could probably beat the boss without too much effort. The Golf Digest ranking of DC's top 150 golfers has a few surprises;

VP. Joe Biden's 6.3 handicap comes in at #29, while President Obama is tied for 108th place with his 17-stroke handicap.

Mr. President... 108th place? You have played more golf in two years than George W. Bush played in eight years and you can only manage a 17? That fact in itself should be cause for concern.

The Golf Digest story does some digging and discovers the possible reason for the VP's single-digit handicap. They spoke with Tony Russo, the VP of T-Mobile who is currently the #1 ranked Washington DC amateur golfer.

Russo plays frequently with Biden (6.3) and says he has never seen his former boss hit the ball better than he has this year. Perhaps that's because of the practice area Biden installed in the back yard of the Vice President's Residence on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Observatory.

Why have we not seen any photos of the new golf practice area at the Vice President's residence? Additionally, why haven't we heard a peep about Biden's golf skills?

The Golf Digest story displays much more than just the large gap between Presidential and Vice Presidential skills on the links, it also shows several members of Congress have invested serious time developing their golf prowess.

While no elected officials have cracked the Top 10, there is a Department of Energy staffer named David Katz sitting at #10.

Here is a look at the Top 50 in the Golf Digest rankings among DC's power players.

There are eleven elected officials (Senators and Representatives) in the Top 50, plus a host of lobbyists, Fortune 500 execs, and even the White House Trip Director, Marvin Nicholson (#45).  I might suggest that Joe Biden learn a little something from #50 John Tanner of Prime Policy Group. Tanner has wisely missed a few putts, keeping his own handicap just high enough to allow his boss, Scott Pastrick (#49) to ride higher on this important measure of clout in DC.

Think about it Joe.

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