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Can you 'blend' gas to save money?


First, let me say that I am not a chemist, an engineer or a chemical engineer. That said, I did find this comment from Blaze reader M_Jennings to be an intriguing premise. Can you blend Premium and Regular gasoline to save money on Mid-Grade?

For drivers who buy Mid-Grade gasoline, there is an iPhone App to CUT GAS COSTS. The ‘Gas Blend’ App calculates the number of gallons of Premium and Regular to pump to get exactly the same average octane as the station’s posted Mid-Grade.

In the YouTube video of Rep. Allen [West] pumping gas, the Food Mart prices are shown as Premium 93 $4.79, Mid-Grade 89 $4.67, and Regular $4.45. Instead of pumping 16 gallons of Mid-Grade costing $74.864, you can pump 5.333 gallons of Premium and 10.667 gallons of Regular and pay only $73.157. Your SAVINGS would be $1.71 or 10.7 cents per gallon.

According to M_Jennings, an iPad/iPhone app available at can help consumers calculate the right mixture of Premium and Regular to save money at the pump.  It might be worth trying, but I'd consult your mechanic before trying any kind of experiments.

I love thrift!  Do you have any tips on saving money?  Feel free to send them my way at

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