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$8 Million: That's How Much the Wis. Budget Protests Will Cost Taxpayers


Capitol experienced "three to five years of wear in that one month."

This is what the price tag associated with "democracy" looks like.

Wisconsin-based think tank The MacIver Institute has just released a video detailing some startling fiscal information: the Wisconsin budget and union protests earlier this spring cost the state over $8 million.

According to a state report, the major cost belongs to the extra security needed:

But there were other costs too, like the money that will be needed to repair the Capitol. Paraphrasing a restoration expert hired by the state, MacIver says the building experienced "three to five years of wear in that one month:"

And finally, there was another six-figure cost associated with repairing the lawn:

How did protesters respond to the damaged property? They posted some signs on the lawn letting other know:

Watch the full report below:

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has detailed some of the costs, too:

• Capitol police: $458,406. The figure does not include the normal salaries that Capitol police officers would have received anyway. It represents overtime and other staffing costs for extra hours they worked during the demonstrations.

• Other state law enforcement agencies: $3,034,088. These agencies include the Wisconsin State Patrol, the University of Wisconsin-Madison police, wardens from the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Justice. Those costs also are limited to just officers' overtime and other added expenses, not the cost of officers' regular salaries.

• Local law enforcement: $3,904,919. A total of 202 law enforcement agencies, from town police to sheriff's departments around the state, agreed to staff the Capitol protests and most have billed the state for their wage, travel and damage costs. Thirty-two law enforcement agencies have not yet submitted bills.

• Additional supplies and services: $422,252, for such expenses as food for officers on duty.

You can read the report here.

(H/T: Right Scoop)

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