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First Look: This is Reportedly Arnold's Mistress and Son


"...his features are eerily like Arnold's."

Baena in a picture from her Myspace page. She's allegedly posing with Arnold's love child.

It seems we are getting our first look at Arnold Schwarzenegger's mistress and love child. Several outlets are reporting the woman is 50-year-old Mildred "Patty" Baena, who worked as a housekeeper for Arnold for 20 years.

“She’s the one,” a source told RadarOnline.com, while a second source confirmed: “They have a son together.” There are pictures of Baena making the rounds, most of them pulled off her Myspace page. The Daily Mail has some of them:

TMZ reports that the couple's relationship began in the 90's, when Baena "pursued" Arnold:

Sources tell TMZ -- in the late '90s Patty began to "pursue Arnold."  She told friends they would have unprotected sex during the day at the house.  Patty never slept overnight at the house and no one ever caught them in the act.

We're told when she became pregnant, she didn't tell Arnold he was the father. Arnold didn't learn he was the daddy until the boy was a toddler.

"We are not revealing the identity of the boy, however his features are eerily like Arnold's," TMZ says. "We have various pictures of him at various ages (he's now 10 or 11) and each picture shows striking similarities, especially the mouth and teeth."

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