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Obama Jokes in Ireland: I Should 'Paddle' Bad Members of Congress


"If Congress doesn't behave..."

Members of Congress beware. If you misbehave, you could be getting visit from Barack Obama and his new hurling stick.

After meeting with Ireland's prime minister yesterday and receiving the stick as a gift, Obama immediately suggested one use unrelated to its place in the native Irish sport of hurling.

He bounced the flat-paddled, wooden club in his hands like a Louisville Slugger and suggested it might make a good weapon for spanking uncooperative representatives and senators.

"If Congress doesn't behave," he said, taking a playful swing with his new toy. "I'm going to give them a little paddle, a little hurl."

Prime Minister Enda Kenny and other Irish officials standing nearby just laughed:

In case you're wondering, hurling is a mix of lacrosse, field hockey, and soccer.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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