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The boy who cried 'RACISM!

We all know the story of the boy who cried wolf, where multiple false warnings led people to ignore a real threat when it finally presented itself. Looking at some of the ridiculous stories of "racism" out there today, I can't help but wonder how people who so frequently use the race card will feel when legitimate issues of race are similarly ignored.

Take for instance this ad campaign from Dove which some claim is unconsciously racist:

Gawker read this ad to mean Dove body wash is "Strong Enough to Turn a Black Woman White." I just don't see it.  The ad shows a before and after pic and the concept of race didn't even enter my mind until a bunch of dimwit bloggers brought it up.

::Gasp!::  Am I subconsciously racist?

In another example of reading-so-far-between-the-lines-that-you-see-things-that-aren't-actually-there, Fox Business host Eric Bolling is being accused of racism for this tweet criticizing Obama for toasting pints of Guinness while many Americans were in crisis:

Apparently making a reference to "40's" -- meaning 40 oz. -- is inherently racist.  Why?  NewsOne (For Black America) explains:

40s is slang for 40 oz bottles of beer, usually malt liquor, that was popular in hip hop in the 90s.

Uh, so?  Do white people not drink 40s?  I have.  Did white people not enjoy hip hop in the 90s?  I don't really want to admit it, but in fact I did.

All of this pseudo-racism nonsense detracts from the real struggles people have gone through in battling actual racism and only serves to divide people more.  It's time to simma' down already.

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