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NBC's Mitchell to Obama Camp: Isn't Sarah Palin Bus Tour 'Best Political News' for Re-election?


As if it wasn't already obvious that NBC and MSNBC has it out for Sarah Palin and have completely bought into the caricature that she is a political buffoon, NBC's Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell proved it this morning on MSNBC.

While interviewing Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, Mitchell brought up Sarah Palin's recently announced national bus tour that some say is a precursor to a presidential run. Then she asked, "Is this the best political news the Obama re-election campaign has ever had?"

Seriously. Watch it below via Townhall:

In a longer version of the clip, "Morning Joe" hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski set up Mitchell's question minutes earlier by joking that Jarrett has most likely already contributed to Palin's political action committee:

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