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New Stunning Audio: Author Releases Interviews Capturing Hollywood's Disdain for Conservatives

"Glenn Beck ... . I find him really amusing."

Author Ben Shapiro is working to expose the Hollywood left's purposeful attempts to promote a liberal political agenda through entertainment mediums.  As we reported yesterday, left-wing messages are being woven into popular television shows -- from kids' favorite Sesame Street to "must see TV" sitcoms like Friends. But as Shapiro's new book "Primetime Propaganda" demonstrates, that's just the tip of the liberal iceberg.

In videos sent exclusively to The Blaze from Shapiro, more Hollywood liberals openly admit to how their political biases plague today's entertainment industry.

Is there a literal "blacklist" against conservatives trying to find work in Hollywood?  House creator David Shore says yes:

Marc Cherry, creator of ABC's Desperate Housewives weaves a pro-gay agenda into his primetime soap:

George Schlatter, creator of Laugh-In, sounds off on conservative radio and television host Glenn Beck. (Hint: it's not nice):

In addition to these interview exclusives, the Hollywood Reporter has more:

[Friends co-creator Marta] Kauffman also acknowledges she “put together a staff of mostly liberal people,” which is another major point of Shapiro’s book: that conservatives aren’t welcome in Hollywood.

Maybe that’s because they’re “idiots” and have “medieval minds.” At least that’s what Soap and Golden Girls creator Susan Harris thinks of TV’s conservative critics.  However, the ranks of dumb right-wingers has dwindled, according to Harris, whose video has her saying: “At least, you know, we put Obama in office, and so people, I think, are getting – have gotten – a little bit smarter.”

Some of the videos have executives making rather obvious revelations, like when Larry Gelbart and Gene Reynolds talk about pacifist messages in M*A*S*H or when MacGyver producer Vin Di Bona says anti-gun messages were a recurring theme in that show.

But an additional video has Di Bona, who also created America’s Funniest Home Videos, becoming remarkably blunt about his approval of a lack of political diversity in Hollywood. When Shapiro asks what he thinks of conservative critics who say everyone in Hollywood is liberal, Di Bona responds: “I think it’s probably accurate, and I’m happy about it.”

Another video has Leonard Goldberg — who executive produces Blue Bloods for CBS and a few decades ago exec produced such hits as Fantasy Island, Charlie’s Angels and Starsky and Hutch — saying that liberalism in the TV industry is “100 percent dominant, and anyone who denies it is kidding, or not telling the truth.”  Shapiro asks if politics are a barrier to entry. “Absolutely,” Goldberg says.

When Shapiro tells Fred Pierce, the president of ABC in the 1980s who was instrumental in Disney’s acquisition of ESPN, that “It’s very difficult for people who are politically conservative to break in” to television, he responds: “I can’t argue that point.” Those who don’t lean left, he says, “don’t promote it. It stays underground.” ...

In the book, subtitled "The true Hollywood story of how the left took over your TV," Shapiro also tells anecdotes of bias against conservatives. One example is Dwight Schultz, best known for his roles as Murdock in The A-Team and Barclay in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The late Bruce Paltrow knew that Schultz was a fan of President Ronald Reagan. When Schultz showed up to audition for St. Elsewhere, a show Paltrow produced, to read for the part of Fiscus, Paltrow told him: "There's not going to be a Reagan a**h*** on this show!" The part went to Howie Mandel.

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