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Radical Pakistani Clerics Call Bible 'Blasphemous,' May Seek to Have it Banned


...these radicals plan to petition to have the Bible formally banned.

Anti-Christian sentiment continues to grow in Pakistan, as a group of radical Islamic clerics is asking the nation's Supreme Court to declare certain portions and passages of the Bible "blasphemous." Why, you ask? Because these leaders view some biblical characters as "flawed." If the court doesn't comply, the clerics plan to petition to have the Bible formally banned in Pakistan. CNS News has more:

Citing Florida pastor Terry Jones’ Qur’an-burning act, the leader of the initiative, Abdul Rauf Farooqi, said the campaigners would like to pay back such “blasphemers” by doing the same to the Bible, but would not follow in their footsteps.

Instead, he and the other clerics in the campaign want Pakistan’s top court to rule that certain passages in the Bible are blasphemous, since they undermine prophets’ sanctity by portraying them as flawed or immoral.

Farooqi, who is leader of the Islamist organization JUI-S (Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Sami-ul-Haq group), said the “insertions” in the Bible were offensive to Muslims, who hold all prophets in high esteem.

Among the biblical figures viewed by Muslims as Islamic prophets are some whom the Bible clearly describes as behaving immorally, such as David, who coveted a man’s wife and so sent him to face certain death on the battle frontlines; and Solomon, who later in life sought out pagan women and their gods.

If the Supreme Court complies, there may be some major problems in store for the nation's Christian minority. Even the Bible's assertion that Jesus Christ is God would potentially be considered blasphemous and, thus, punishable. If an individual violates blasphemy laws in Pakistan, he or she may be put to death or face life behind bars.

Yesterday, we reported on allegations that Pakistani police refused to help a Christian woman was violently gang raped. The situation for Pakistan's religious minority continues to deteriorate.

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