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BYU Student Called in for 'Counseling' After He Appears Nearly Naked on Fox Dance Show


"It was an amazing experience for sure, the judges absolutely loved it.”

On Wednesday, Chase Thomas appeared on one the nation's top dance shows, "So You Think You Can Dance." And the world got to see a lot of him:

As you can see, Thomas left little to the imagination during his dance on national TV. And during the show, the host made sure to note Thomas's clothing, or lack thereof, even soliciting cheers from the audience. And while many of the girls were screaming and ogling, administrators at Thomas's university, BYU, were watching in horror.

After the show aired, Thomas -- who is married -- was called into the school office by those responsible for enforcing the school's honor code (which the school takes very seriously) for "counseling" regarding his choice of clothing:


Thomas says his costume almost cost him his status as a student at BYU because he was told it broke the schools modesty policy. But Thomas says covering more of his body would compromise his art form and take away from his dance.

"It was an amazing experience for sure, the judges absolutely loved it,” Thomas tells FOX 13. "In no way was my solo supposed to be sexual or lewd or anything like that."

When school officials learned Thomas wore nothing more than a pair of “short” dance shorts during the episode that aired before a national audience he says school officials were not too happy.

Thomas contends that the BYU swim team poses and wears nothing more than swimmer’s briefs for their sport and doesn't understand why his dance costume is any different.

BYU spokesperson Carrie Jenkins says Thomas was never asked to leave the university. She says his student status is not currently under review, but she says he was called in for counseling.

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