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It Went Way Up': Wind-Blown Bounce House Injures 13 Kids


"All of a sudden, it was flying."


A heavy gust of wind blew away inflatable bounce houses with children inside at a New York soccer event, leaving 13 people injured, authorities said late Saturday.

The Oceanside United Soccer Club in Long Island was hosting a tournament Saturday afternoon when three bounce houses started floating away, said Eric Evensen, a Nassau County police officer.

"As children were inside, a heavy gust of wind blew across the field, raising them off the ground and sending them airborne," he said. "Once they hit the ground, they began rolling and struck several people on the ground."

NY Post:

Roz Ferrara, who lives across the street, saw the wind pick up one of the houses.

"All of a sudden, it was flying," she said. "It went way up . . . There were people in it."

She said it "kicked up in the air, hit a few people and then rolled into the other" bounce house.

"You don't like to see kids scared like that," she added. "That's why this thing was so horrifying."

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