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Update: Comedian Apologizes for Kill-Palin Joke...While Bashing Palin


"Let's all take a deep breath, and stop the death threats."

Yesterday, Jon Seidl reported on comedian Christopher Titus' joke about killing Sarah Palin. Following some negative press, the entertainer took to his Facebook page to "apologize" for his comments.

Between his half-hearted "I'm sorries," he slipped in as many swipes at Palin as he possibly could. His apology reads as follows:

While sitting in a comedy club with another comedian doing a podcast after listening to Sarah Palin's stupid comments about Paul Revere--something we all learned about in the first grade-- I popped off. More than anything, I made a joke about a horrible tragedy that befell a great President. To the Kennedy family, my heartfelt apologies. To Ms. Palin's family, this would infuriate me if it were said about my family. Apologies to you as well.

He goes on, ensuring his Facebook followers understand just how ill-equipped he believes Palin is:

The comment was based on the fact that America has set the bar so low with what we accept as a possible leader. Just imagine Sarah Palin sitting in a negotiation with Putin, Ahmadinejad or Hu Jin Tao. Let's all take a deep breath, and stop the death threats. Apologies all around.

Apology accepted?

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