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It's True: Using a Cell Phone During Takeoff & Landing Could Cause a Plane Crash


"Just one cell phone could cause serious issues."

If you're a frequent flier, you are likely more than familiar with the tech warnings airline personnel give prior to takeoff and just before landing: "Ladies and gentlemen, please discontinue the use of portable electronic devices." While some people choose to ignore or have simply become immune to this all-too-familiar message, new research indicates that the use of various technologies can actually interfere with the operation of an airplane.

Business Insider has more:

Pilots and engineers have identified 75 incidents which may be linked to signal interference from passengers. Among them: "Autopilot disengaged by itself," "left GPS is not reading correctly," and "rapid changes in cabin altitude and altitude control."

Boeing engineer David Carson says interference occurs when signals hit highly sensitive electronic sensors hidden in the passenger area. These sensors are particularly vulnerable in old planes.

Below, see ABC News delve into this issue further. According to ABC, "Just one cell phone could cause serious issues."

This report may serve as a major wake-up call to those of us out there who tend to ignore these warnings or dismiss them as pointless meanderings. Will this information dissuade you from using your cell phone or gadget during take off or landing next time you fly?

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