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California Students May Be Expelled for 'Sexting


"Sexting" -- sending graphic messages via phone -- has become a major issue impacting young people across the country. In California, lawmakers are considering a possible law that would punish students for engaging in the act. The Huffington Post has more:

The California State Senate has passed a bill that makes "sexting" an expellable offense in the state. The bill, SB919, was passed unanimously this Tuesday. The bill will have to be approved in the Assembly and signed by Jerry Brown to enter into law.

According to SB919, sexting is defined as "sending or receiving sexually explicit pictures or video by means of an electronic act." California law lets school districts discipline students for their actions while on school property, coming and going from school, during lunch breaks, and when traveling to school-sponsored events.

While supporters claim that the bill would help put a stop to cyber bullying and other damaging trends, critics see the proposal as a potential waste of time. They believe there are more efficient preventative methods for putting a stop to sexting. Watch below to see the debate unfold:

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