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Is This Picture of a Bikini-Clad Woman Too Sexy for a Billboard? Apparently, Yes


"There is nothing pornographic about the image at all."

Take a look at this ad. Do you think it's too steamy for a billboard?

Some people in the California town of Auburn think so. The billboard, promoting a tanning salon company, went up Tuesday. By Thursday, it was vandalized when someone covered it with a black tarp and spray painted the words "no porn in our town" on it:

"There is nothing pornographic about the image at all. It shows a beautiful tan on a confident women. It's a very classy image," Jeremy McCain, media director for California Sun, the company behind the advertisement, told the Sacramento Bee.

"If you go out to the lake or the beach, women wear bikinis all the time. It's a very conservative bikini," he added.

But apparently not everyone agrees. Not only is the vandal obviously upset, but his message must have resonated with others. Thursday afternoon the ad was taken down and replaced with an animal adoption sign:

According to Fox40 in Sacramento, the sign sits near an elementary school.

"My goodness, we are a very conservative family with two daughters and a young son," California Sun owner Mike Blore told the station.

Now that the ad has been taken down, he's upset. According to him, it wasn't his decision to remove it.

"Here's a company that doesn't hesitate to put a Viagra ad in a children's show," said Blore, referring to CBS Outdoor, the company that owns the billboard. It didn't return e-mails from FOX40 about why the image was replaced.

"Had somebody just called us up and said, 'Hey can you guys re-think what you’re doing,' we wouldn’t be upset," Blore added.

You can watch Fox40's video report below:

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