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Yahoo! New Zealand Publishes Description Calling Sarah Palin 'Evil


“Poor Tina...”

Everyone knows Sarah Palin has her critics. They've attacked her children, called her an unfit mother, questioned her intelligence and have gone to great lengths to invade her privacy. But, a recent description on Yahoo! New Zealand's web site takes anti-Palin criticism to an entirely new level. Mediaite has more:

A caption in a photo slideshow of “Celebrity Look-a-likes” sparked outrage among at least three New Zealand conservatives Friday night. The Yahoo! New Zealand feature contained a split-screen of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and comic actress Tina Fey, with a caption that read “Poor Tina – there’s something painful about resembling someone so evil.”

You can see the image, below, for yourself. It's one thing to disagree with someone politically, but to label someone so definitively? Seems like Mediaite may be right in saying that "...even her most strident critics would agree that 'evil' is a bit of a reach."

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