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Man Kicked off Airplane for...Cursing?


“What the 'F' is going on?"

A Brooklyn, New York man is considering a lawsuit after he was allegedly kicked off of a carrier flight for cursing. The Detroit Free Press has more:

Robert Sayegh was on a Delta Airlines carrier flight home from his cousin’s wedding in Kansas City when he said a flight attendant overheard him complaining about a 45-minute delay to a fellow passenger.

"It's ridiculous and embarrassing," the television producer and children's book author said this morning from his home in Brooklyn. "I was just kind of talking to the guy sitting next to me. I said 'What is taking so long?' I said “What the 'F' is going on?' " Sayegh said. "I could see if I directed it at (the flight attendant), but I didn’t even speak to him."

Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 5136, which had been taxiing on the runway, turned around and Detroit Metro Airport Police boarded the plane to escort Sayegh off.

The airline put Sayegh on a later flight and apologized for any inconveniences that resulted from the incident (the company is currently investigating what happened). While airlines do reserve the right to remove people who are disruptive, Sayegh adamantly denies doing anything more than using the F-word in a conversation with the passenger sitting next to him. The Huffington Post has an interesting take on the matter:

Either way, you can add swearing to the growing list of things that might get you kicked off your flight including: being too fat to fly, being too tall, and having strong body odor.

One blogger, though, thinks something may be fishy about Sayegh's story. The Stir's Jeanne Sager writes:

...there's something about Sayegh's whole story that just doesn't sit right with me. He contacted the media immediately in Detroit after being escorted off a flight, ostensibly for letting loose several F-bombs.

Naturally there's the he-said, she-said part of this. Sayegh says all the cursing was done to a fellow passenger, so he shouldn't have been kicked off. Delta says it's completing an internal investigation, but they put him on a later flight to Newark, and he got home alright. I'm not saying either one is lying, but who is the naughty one here?

We don't know. Nobody knows, save for maybe the passengers who were there, the flight attendants, and Sayegh himself. Still, this whole story has shaped up into the classic case of "lazy American can't ever take responsibility for his own screw-up in a bad situation." His cursing started the ball rolling, and now we have to listen to him whine on the news ad infinitum about how he's been wronged.

A number of media outlets are listing what may be Sayegh's web site. We'll have to wait and see how the details unfold on this one, but whose side are you on -- the airline's or the alleged victim's?

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