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Did Rick Perry Just Give Major 2012 Hint During Surprise Beck TV Cameo?


"That'll do."

If you were watching Glenn Beck's show on Fox today, you may have been surprised to see Texas Gov. Rick Perry make a cameo. You're not the only one. And just wait until you see what all happened.

According to a story on, Perry wasn't a planned guest. He just happened to wander by. That's the first surprise. But wait, there's more.

The curious appearance opens with Beck and Perry standing in front of Beck's presidential-candidate chalkboard. Beck asks for a piece of red chalk, and appears to start drawing a picture of Perry. After asking Perry how it looks, the governor responds, "That'll do."

Perry then quickly launches into a blurb about creating jobs in Texas (a very presidential thing to do). After shaking hands, Beck says, "I have no idea who that man was," using a sweeping, Jedi-like hand motion. "That’s not the candidate you’re looking for.” He then went on with the show as if nothing happened.

The 45-second sequence may seem like a small gesture. But in the world of presidential announcements and planting seeds, it's huge. Could it be that Perry has told Beck that he's about to throw his hat into the ring? Or, are Beck and Perry are just having a little fun with the media? See for yourself:

By the way, The Blaze has confirmed that the man was, in fact, Perry.

According to Beck's website, this may just be one in a series of surprises as Beck winds down his show.

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