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Famous Evangelical to Weiner: Try Christianity


"Rep. Weiner is not among my 'followers.'"

A Tweet sent by one of America's most well-known evangelicals has ignited some controversy. Two days ago, Albert Mohler, the president Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, sent the following Twitter message out to his followers:

Why is this causing a ruckus, you ask? Rep. Anthony Weiner is Jewish and Mohler's message clearly indicates his belief that the congressman needs Jesus Christ to forgive his sins (embracing Christ as savior would be a direct contradiction to Jewish teaching).

Mohler took to his blog to defend his Tweet, writing: "There is no shortage of perplexing realities in our world today, but counted among them must be the fact that many rather well informed people seem to be shocked that Christians believe the doctrines of Christianity." He continues:

As far as I know, Rep. Weiner is not among my “followers” on Twitter. I did not assume that he was reading my posting. My message was mostly directed at my fellow Christians as a reminder of this very concern — that the American impulse is to seek treatment when our real need is for redemption.

This is a basic and central Christian belief. The Bible reveals that our need is not to find a way to make ourselves well — which we can never do — but to realize that we are sinners in need of a Savior. The Christian Gospel is the message of redemption accomplished by the Lord Jesus Christ and the salvation that is found in him and in him alone.

The very essence of biblical Christianity is the knowledge that the real human problem is sin — not sickness — and that the only rescue is that which comes through faith in Jesus Christ.

While Mohler's comments may be seen as offensive, in his defense his Tweet does not mention Weiner's faith; instead, it seems to concentrate more on the nature of human sin.

The Christian Post, though, claims that Mohler may have made some disparaging comments about Judaism in the past. According to the Post, "In 2003, Mohler had reportedly said Judaism was like a tumor that needed to be removed. Some churches do not agree with Mohler’s view on Judaism."

Regardless of Mohler's past statements, do you believe his Tweet to be worthy of such controversy?

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