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Sex-Slave Want Ad: Female Infidels, Preferably 'Blondes' From 'Russia,' Need Apply


"The plan is for Muslims in Chechnya to kidnap Russian girls.."

In a story almost too twisted to believe, female Kuwaiti activist and former parliamentary candidate Salwa al-Mutairi endorses the establishment of a law permitting the sex-slave trade.  Who would the sex slaves be? Infidel women, of course -- allegedly blonde ones from Russia.  Because, apparently, Muslim men "prefer them blond."

According to Mutairi, female infidels, who she considers "subhuman," would be paid a whopping 50 dinars a month to cook, clean and care for the children -- essentially become the wife's domestic slave by day -- then work another long shift as the husband's personal sex slave by night.  Since forced sex with slaves is not considered adultery, sharia law condones the keeping of concubines as a way to encourage men not to "stray" from home.

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