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Teen May Lose Her Hand to Antibiotic-Resistant, Flesh-Eating, Fish Tank Bacteria


"It was just a tiny scratch!"

Hannele Cox is a normal 13-year-old girl who loves horseback riding and volleyball. But, she has unfortunately had to give up these activities, as her life has been dramatically impacted by an antibiotic-resistant flesh-eating bacteria. Gawker has more:

Five years ago Cox, who hails from San Bernadino County, California, cut her hand while pulling it out of a fish tank. It was just a tiny scratch! Yet it created a pathway for Mycobacterium marinum—microscopic creatures that sometimes cause a chronic skin infection called fishtank granuloma (also known as "aquarium granuloma" and "swimming pool granuloma," for those of you who enjoy freaking yourself out with malady-related Internet searches).

Cox's hand started oozing, and she was put on antibiotics. But nothing could stop the bacteria, which have the very obnoxious habit of eating people's tissue and bones.

Hannele's family has found a specialist who has had success in treating this rare illness before, but if medical interventions don't work, her hand may need to be amputated. Hopefully, her doctor will be successful and able to mend this ongoing and life-changing illness. Watch below for more from KCAL9-TV:

This is surely folly for anyone who fears rare diseases and illnesses.

(h/t Gawker)

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