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Why are taxpayers paying for Weiner's sex rehab?


The House of Representatives voted -- unanimously -- Monday evening to grant Rep. Anthony Weiner a two-week paid leave of absence while the New York Democrat seeks "treatment." This means that while Weiner seeks treatment for his... er, problem, taxpayers will continue to pay him his $174,000/year salary.

“None of us, not anybody here, has the power to force somebody out of office,” Pelosi told reporters. “That person has to decide himself as to whether he will stay or he will go. And that, I hope that the president having spoken and some leaders in Congress speaking out, that Congressman Weiner will hear this and know that it’s in his best interest for him to leave Congress.”

But if so many members of Congress -- from both sides of the aisle -- were insisting Weiner should leave, why would they vote to give him paid leave?

In what other job on earth could someone a) be caught using company resources to exchange pornographic images; b) lie about it repeatedly; and c) not only keep their job, but receive paid vacation for it?  Only in Washington...

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