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Blaze readers analyze bizarre new Jon Huntsman ad


With the launch of his presidential campaign just 6 days away, former ambassador Jon Huntsman, Jr. released a strange new campaign ad today which left much to the imagination. In other words, no one seems to have any idea what it means.

(Ironically enough, this bizarre ad was reportedly created by the same pros behind Carly Fiorina's Demon Sheep campaign ad.  Suddenly, it all makes sense...)

Earlier today I asked our loyal readers to put their political instincts to the test and see if they could figure it out. Thank you to everyone who weighed in -- Here are some of the many answers I received:

Eric from Idaho thinks that riding a motorcycle and talking about his old band is Huntsman's laid back way of introducing himself to voters.

Michael in Pennsylvania wondered if the video might be a joke from a hacker.

Another reader waded into the ad's possible symbolic meaning -- "The motorcycle…a modern day horse… is a metaphor for freedom, but the rider is in full competitive gear – maybe the camera pull back will eventually show the rider catching up to the ‘herd’ then taking the lead. Winning the race."

Scott in Indiana looks to Huntsman's bio for guidance: "Jon dropped out of High School before graduating to pursue a career as a rocker with the band Wizard. He thought life would be an easy ride. Life is not an easy ride and is now 6 days away from his solutions to today's problems."

Some even thought the "wizard" reference had more to do with the final Harry Potter movie coming this summer than any presidential campaign.

Bottom line: We'll have to wait to see what the next 6 days bring... and hopefully it won't be another Demon Sheep.

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