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Video: SEIU Officials Throw Out Member Questioning Union's Ballot-Counting Practices


"It’s about time that they be responsible and transparent to their members.”

It's been a longstanding mantra of Glenn Beck's: he doesn't have a problem with union members, but rather thinks it's the union leaders who are warping the unions. And he's also been encouraging people to stand with courage. This video may provide proof of both.

Mariam Nojiam, a state worker for the Department of Motor Vehicles and SEIU member, became suspicious when she happened on vote-counters who were apparently breaking the rules pertaining to an internal union election.

Hot Air's Ed Morrissey sets up the clip (since Mariam caught everything on her cell phone):

The SEIU held an election by mail for an internal election — for which it apparently uses the same kind of secret ballots that they want to deny workers with Card Check. By SEIU’s own rules, those ballots are supposed to arrive via US Postal Service, with postmarks to note the date so that the counters can verify they arrived before the deadline. One SEIU observer noticed counters opening large envelopes of ballots with no postmarks at all on them — and when she tried to protest, the other SEIU officials in the room pushed her out the door.

Here's the video:

But wait, Morrissey has the best part:

For a final irony, the SEIU’s spokesman insisted that Nojiam’s protest was irrelevant, because the rules state that a challenge has to come from one of the candidates. How’s that for convenient, eh? The union apparently has no problem breaking the rules to count batches of apparently invalid ballots, but when it comes to someone catching them at that game, the SEIU insists on full compliance with the rules on protests.

“It’s about time that they [union officials] be responsible and transparent to their members,” Mariam told

At least she took a stand.

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