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Keith Olbermann reveals the left's secret to success


A candid exchange featured in a New York Timespuff piece this week speaks volumes about Keith Olbermann and his merry band of liberal followers:

Every few steps at the stadium, someone stopped him and said how much they missed seeing him on the air — the little old lady in the Mets cap, the West African working concessions, the Upper West Sider. To each one, he gave a card with information about Current. You get the feeling he would wear a sandwich board to retail his new enterprise if he thought it would help.

“Mr. Olbermann, I have somehow managed to form opinions without your assistance, but I really miss your show,” said Arnold Karr, who works in publishing in Manhattan.

“Don’t get too used to it,” Olbermann said. “We start broadcasting on June 20.”

Translation: Why would you bother to form your own opinion when I'm here to tell you how to think?

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