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P.R. Stunt': Stewart Blasts Obama for His Accented Pronunciation of 'Puerto Rico'


"Puerto to Porto in just under eight minutes."

It's not often that Glenn Beck and Jon Stewart agree. But yesterday, they did. And it was over Barack Obama, no less.

Near the end of yesterday's radio show, Beck and his co-hosts panned Obama's speech in Puerto Rico during a quick state visit. While there, Obama chose to tun on a Spanish accent whenever he said the name Puerto Rico. Beck and his team labeled it pandering to the crowd.

And you know what? Jon Stewart thinks so, too.

During a segment on his "Daily Show," Stewart also blasted the president's speech and his use of the accent. An on-screen graphic even labeled it a "P.R. stunt." But Stewart went further and noticed something else: while the president started out with the accent, by the end of the speech, he had dropped it.

"Puerto to Porto in just under eight minutes," he said.

You can watch Stewart's comments below, and also see him mock other aspects of the four-hour long trip and what seems like the obvious political motivation behind it:

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